What is the most common birthday date in the world?

All of us who have a large group of friends and family, usually attend more birthday celebrations in a few months than in others. In fact, it is relatively common to coincide on a birthday with an acquaintance or relative of a friend.

Although this type of coincidence may be casual, they have a relatively rational explanation, and that is that there are months when more sexual relations occur than in others.

In relation to this fact, a researcher from Harvard University (Amitabh Chandra) decided to conduct a study to answer the question of what is the most common birthday date in the world. Based on the research conducted, the study concluded that the most usual date is September 16, although that date is based on old birth data, specifically, from 1973 to 1999.

It is assumed that during the month of December couples have more intimate relationships, which explains the considerable number of births in September. In fact, the other two dates that occupy the top 3 of the investigation are September 9 and the 23 of the same month.

Based on data from those born after the year 2000, the date however would be September 9.

And you, do you know anyone who was born in the month of September?

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