Facebook shares its photo and video verification tool

As part of its efforts to fight against disinformation campaigns and false news, Facebook has announced that it has shared its new tool that analyzes the authenticity of images and videos with 27 of its partners in 17 countries.

The tool works through machine learning and is designed to help people who check the accuracy of the information to identify and take action against fake content more quickly, explained Antonia Woodford, product manager of Facebook, in a post published on Thursday. in the newsroom of the social network.

Since Russia’s interference in the US elections in 2016 came to light through the dissemination of segregation messages and false news on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or Google, among others, added to the Cambridge Analytica scandal unveiled Earlier this year, the social network has taken various measures to stop the spread of false information on its platform.

One of them has been to work with independent third parties that review and qualify the authenticity of the content. However, until now, most have focused on reviewing articles, Woodford said. Hence the importance of sharing this tool to verify the photos and videos to improve their AI among all.

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