Dolphin learns to WALK on the WATER SURFACE and teaches it to his FRIENDS

The number of dolphins that learn to perform this trick decreases in the area, which could mean that learning is temporary.

A study that lasted 30 years, led by Whale and Dolphin Conservation and involving the universities of St Andrews and Exeter, in the United Kingdom, revealed that dolphins learn from each other to do tricks such as, for example, walking on the surface of the water leaning on its tail.

During the investigation, the scientists discovered that in their study area there was initially only one dolphin -which they called Billie- able to perform such a trick. Apparently, he had learned it long ago, when he was in the park in Adelaide, Australia. Billie came to master the technique himself, watching other dolphins in the place. After being released, he continued to do so regularly, and by 2011 another nine dolphins were already copying their skills.

The worrying thing, for scientists, is that since then the number of dolphins capable of learning and exercising that ability has decreased in the area, which means that the trend was temporary.

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