8 phrases that toxic people use to try to manipulate you

During the last years, there are many books that have emerged around the concept of toxic people, those people who complicate our lives with phrases, actions or thoughts full of evil. Toxic people defy the logic of personal relationships and can even become happy by creating a negative impact on others.

A toxic person is often manipulative, sententious, unconscious, in addition to not taking responsibility or excusing apologies. In short, they are people who create conflicts and other people’s stress in a totally unnecessary way.

Sometimes, we ourselves can become toxic without realizing it, so it is important to know the information about toxic people to avoid those behaviors that lead us to flood other people with our own negative or manipulative thoughts.

The key to acting before toxic people is to learn to manage our own emotions and stay calm under pressure. This is nothing more than learning to cultivate emotional intelligence and know how to apply it in a logical way.

1. “You do not know what you’re talking about”

The toxic person gives you to understand that he is in a situation of intellectual superiority in front of you, and even forces you to feel shame or ridicule.

2. “Everything is your fault”

You may be right, but that person is not a judge to know if everything that happened at a certain time is your responsibility. Have you done self-criticism? Have you checked if you have done something wrong?
3. “With everything I’ve done for you, why are you doing this to me?”

It is very common for toxic people to want to make you feel guilty. It reminds you of what he has done for you in the past, to justify that you must feel obliged to return the favor.

4. “Without you I am not nobody” / “You are nobody without me”

Toxic people play with their own or others’ self-esteem. It is a behavior characteristic of the dependent disorder and the concept called ’emotional vampirism’.

5. “You should have listened to me”

Another behavior closely related to the concept of toxic relationships is to create remorse in other people. The toxic person opens a new chapter of insecurities about the wrong decisions of other people.
6. “You should be ashamed”

The toxic person is telling you how you should feel in a certain situation. Of course, it’s not about anything positive, but it’s about trying to undermine your safety through emotional manipulation. It is also a fairly common phrase when judging hobbies or habits of others.

7. “How dare you speak to me like that?”

It is the logical response of someone who does not assume that he has done something wrong and attacks directly by challenging the other person.

8. “It’s fine, but it could be better” / “Thank you, but it’s too late”

In both situations, the toxic person eliminates the value of the first action making it clear that everything could have been much better or have arrived earlier.

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